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Discover how leading organizations are harnessing the power of Expert Press to innovate, solve challenges, and drive growth across diverse sectors through our curated collection of insightful videos. Learn from industry veterans as they share strategies for overcoming obstacles and leveraging thought leadership to achieve individual and collective goals.

Beyond the Byline

Two legal marketing veterans, Roy Sexton from Clark Hill and Laura Galeano from Bilzin Sumberg, talk about how to overcome challenges and improve results from thought leadership programs by meeting your attorneys where they are and leveraging their strengths to meet their individual goals and the collective firm goals.

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Expert Press Services Overview

XP helps businesses and their experts transform thought leadership into bylined news analysis that is published on national and trade news sites. Click below for a custom news consultation for your brand.

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Is your Thought Leadership Program delivering results?

Creating and distributing thought leadership that delivers the best results starts with using the content to connect with new audiences. Most companies post their thought leadership on firm-sponsored blogs, which are essentially read by people who already know the firm.

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