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A Few Frequently Asked Questions

What is expert news?

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News analysis and commentary by highly knowledgeable deep subject matter experts in finance, healthcare, technology, education, business, public policy and complex professional services fields that is vetted and published by major national, financial, trade and consumer news outlets.

What ISN’T expert news?

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Self-promotional, self-serving, paid content, advertising, press release material. Expert news contributors understand that earning trust, gaining authority, and building credibility come from knowledge, skill, transparency, and truth-telling. The Expert Press works with SMEs to help them optimize how they share their knowledge. The reputation and prominence a highly valuable expert can build through their expert news effort is the reward they seek.

Are you a PR firm?

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No. But we often work for customers in concert with their PR teams. If you are looking specifically for PR, we can refer you to practitioners.

Is this sponsored content?

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No. If, with our help, our customers can’t create expert news that earns its place in the news flow our data and our process hasn’t done its job. And our top-notch editorial team makes sure our data and our process always does its job.

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